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Can we have a moment of silence for the passing of the composer Jerry Goldsmith, who shaped many many of the most popular shows on tv and in the movie theater through his music....

thank you.

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for anyone who checks this that knows me, call me/ email me when band camp is this year!!!! i need to talk to mr. clark and all i have to say is if you remember me making fun of the cheerleaders as drum major you won't believe what i'm doing now!!!!
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Now this one goes out to all you conservatives out there...


Oooo check this out (I got bored...)
Your Death As Told by aaronthebaron
WhyWhile playing around backstage your hands get tangeled in the ropes. And as you try to free them, you hear a rope being cut...With horror you realize it's the rope that's holding the counter-weight,you shoot up into the air and your arms get ripped off by the pulley system ,no longer having anything to keep you up you fall to your death.
Last words"If at first you dont succeed, sky-diving isn't for you."
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