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Again, I say does anyone want to keep this going?

It'd be nice if more of those that are still in the band were a part of this and posted, but then again you are all together so much as it is, it might just be overkill.

Choice is yours. Leave a comment or two if it should stay or not. No sense keeping a journal that is never used.
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Blue Meg

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Here's an informal poll of those of you that belong to this here community:

Do we want to keep this alive or not?

Comment saying yay or nay to this entry. Also if there's an over abundence of yays, we just might have to talk others into joining. It won't happen, but it's wishfull thinking.

Blue Meg

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Right so hello to everyone. Hopefully more bandos will join. Mention it to others, because no one seems to listen to me.


PS I forgot to mention before that our icon is courtesy of Gail "luhtien", Joey's girlfriend. So band thank her muchly!
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